Faded Faire

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thoughts on knitting

The last two weeks I have been too busy to knit and my soul is feeling it. Today, I am once again picking up the cardigan for DD and hoping to get started on the sleeves. She had to go back to college without her new sweater, but I am hoping to have it off the needles and in a package VERY soon. The quote below eloquently says what I feel about knitting. It is by a reader from Knitting Daily, a great posting from Interweave Knits.

"Who says that knitting is just an old fashioned activity for crafty old ladies? Non-knitters cannot comprehend the emotions that go into a blankie for the new baby, a perfectly putrid pink sweater for the little niece who has her little heart set on that "softie" yarn, or the beautiful afghan made stitch by stitch for the new bride with so much hope for the future. No one I know knits just to add to their wardrobe, it is an extension of their heart, their love, and often, their prayers. "
Comment by: Ann B August 22,

Thursday, August 16, 2007


How I long for the days of the artic blast, the need to dig through bags looking for socks, the wearing of sweaters at work in the middle of July...these days are now a dim, sweaty memory. For the past two weeks, Kentucky-at-large has reported soaring temperatures, with today peaking at 103; add the humidity and the heat index is around 110. That's hot! As the temperatures climbed, the air conditioning unit in my office building gave a sigh and went on vacation the past two weeks. Every available fan has been pressed into service but still the temperatures in the building can be over 90 degrees. Lucky me...my particular office suite is one of the hottest spots in the building. Tomorrow brings the promise of an air conditioning unit up and running by midday...I'm crossing my fingers and bare toes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Journey to Samuel

Samuel LiYu William is officially a member of the family. The documents are being prepared by the Chinese government and he will be "cleared for takeoff" so to speak. The process of watching the parents and brother and sister meet him and bond is a thing of beauty. Thanks to the Internet, we've all been able to share in the joy. If you want to follow along, go to Journey to Samuel and click on "Trip to China". Be prepared for an emotional experience...I've been reading other families stories at the main page (www.myadoptionstory.com) and I am thrilled for those families too! Enjoy these pictures.

I have been writing a paper this week, so no knitting or other news. I did sneak my knitting into a graduation ceremony the other night and got about three more inches done on DD's sweater. It's going to be close--I don't know that I can have it done by the time she returns on August 11.