Faded Faire

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good News!!

Yesterday the Christian community celebrated Easter.  What that means to everyone who categorizes themselves as Christian I cannot say.  But, here is what it means to me:  The tomb is empty.  Just so you don't miss that:  THE TOMB IS EMPTY!!  Shout that out loud:  THE. TOMB. IS. EMPTY.  Now there is a lot of history that goes on between God speaking the world into existence and Easter Sunday but the bottom line is contained in that sentence.  The tomb is empty.

That knowledge gives me the strength to go forward into every day.  It does not matter what anyone tries to tell me about me or what conditions someone puts on my performance.  I know who I am only because I know Whose I am.  All the rest of this??  Just garbage to shovel out of the road as I journey homeward.  Hallelujah!  Up from the grave He arose--The tomb is empty.