Faded Faire

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good News!!

Yesterday the Christian community celebrated Easter.  What that means to everyone who categorizes themselves as Christian I cannot say.  But, here is what it means to me:  The tomb is empty.  Just so you don't miss that:  THE TOMB IS EMPTY!!  Shout that out loud:  THE. TOMB. IS. EMPTY.  Now there is a lot of history that goes on between God speaking the world into existence and Easter Sunday but the bottom line is contained in that sentence.  The tomb is empty.

That knowledge gives me the strength to go forward into every day.  It does not matter what anyone tries to tell me about me or what conditions someone puts on my performance.  I know who I am only because I know Whose I am.  All the rest of this??  Just garbage to shovel out of the road as I journey homeward.  Hallelujah!  Up from the grave He arose--The tomb is empty.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude List

It is January in Kentucky and that means cold weather, gray skies, and a lot of stuff falling from above--snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain.  In January, it is easy for me to forget what a wonderful life I have and how many ways God blesses me.  And this January, the misery and suffering in Haiti lurks just under the surface for me.  Earlier this week, my dear son, David, encouraged me to write a Gratitude List.  Just one page in my journal and I would feel better.  He was right.  Halfway through the page, my heart was lighter and by the bottom I had thought of so many things to be grateful for that I had to scrunch words together and write up the sides.  At the end, my page runneth over and so did my heart.  Here are some of the things for which I am grateful:
A warm house
My down comforter
A roof that does not leak
Food--I am never hungry long
My little lap dogs--they are so excited to see me every time I come home
Warm showers
A reliable car
My David, Missy & Celeste
Beautiful yarn and my knitting
My brothers and sister--how I love and cherish them all
Jesus--the Lord and Saviour of my life (maybe that should have been first)

If you, like me, feel January wearing you down--try making a Gratitude List.  It really works.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti on my heart

The people of Haiti and those who have responded to help the earthquake victims are always on my mind and in my heart these days. It has been a little over 10 years since I was there but I have vivid images that live in my memory of the beauty of Northwest Haiti and the beautiful people who live there.

When I was in Haiti I learned that when advanced medical care is not immediately available, God is able to keep and sustain, comfort and numb pain. Because of my personal experience with being injured in Haiti, I have been comforted by that knowledge. I know that many, many are suffering intensely but I also know that God is in the midst of that situation. My daily ritual now includes seeking out new information about conditions on the ground and finding stories of people rescued and treated. Daily there are stories of miracles among the tragedy. I stumbled across this blog about a week ago and I go there a couple times a day to read: The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog . If you follow the link you will find the story from January 20th that ended with miraculous medical help for Collette and her baby girl Esther. Read the story of Collette who was seven months pregnant when a building fell on her crushing her pelvis and fracturing her leg. She received comfort care through the Livesay mission and Dr. Jen who came to volunteer but she needed more. And God provided more. I won't spoil the story--you need to read it as it unfolded. Then go here to see baby Esther, safe in an isolette aboard the USNS Comfort --and know that God is able to provide. I read this story over and over and each time I am overcome by the power and grace of God.

I do so wish I could be there right now but I am assigned duty here. Maybe someday I will get to return to my beloved Haiti. So each day I read and pray and donate what I can to my favorite mission in Haiti: Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. They are a holistic mission who strive to meet all the needs of the people in the northwest and far west Haiti. Their mission buildings and people are all safe. Today a 22-person medical team arrive to care for those Haitians who have moved northward looking for medical care, shelter and food. You can read about their work at link above.