Faded Faire

Monday, May 25, 2009

Celeste arrives in Peru

I will update my own happenings and ramblings in another post. This one is to let you know that DD (darling daughter) arrived at 2 a.m. today in Lima, Peru. Here is a picture of her happy face when she got there. You can follow her work there at http://www.cmleone.blogspot.com/.
Today, I covet your prayers for her safety and for her knee. She will be hiking a lot and carrying a heavy backpack. I am praying that God will lift that backpack up on eagle's wings so her knees don't even feel its weight.
For all the weeks leading up to putting her on the plane yesterday, I put a smile on my face and a wall around my heart when people asked me how I felt about her going. The absolute truth is that I am thrilled and grateful that God has planted in her a desire to go and take His word to the nations. The other absolute truth is that I feel fear and loneliness. I am weeping today as I am finally letting myself give in to those emotions for just a bit so that I can let God give me comfort and joy to replace those emotions. I know that if I lean into Him, He will be sufficient for me.
I am, as always, so grateful to God that I get to be her mother. Forever and ever I will praise Him that He trusted me with the gift of this marvelous woman He created. Because He created her to be so lovable, I love her so much that having her go away where I cannot talk with her daily hurts. Today I am letting myself feel that hurt. And letting God do a work inside of me as I hang on and let go at the same time.