Faded Faire

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally--UFOs to FOs

UFOs are common in the knitting world--UnFinished Objects. These are projects started enthusiastically, knitted on furiously and laid aside for many reasons. The buttonband needs to be sewn on. The ends need tied in. A mistake discovered 10 rows back needs a bit of attention. It needs to be (gasp) "finished" (aka, blocked and sewn together.) Christmas is pressing in (well it was). The most common reason of all is that another, more alluring skein of yarn seduced the knitter into a new project. Having experienced all of these reasons in the past year, my DD (Darling Daughter) expressed shock, and maybe a tinge of disapproval, when she wangled a confession from me (shortly after another trip to the yarn store, I believe) that I had not one, not two, but 10 UFOs lurking as skeletons in my knitting closet. Here are pictures of the transformation of two UFOs (actually, counting DD's hat, I have finished three--see below or go to her blog: Just a Glimpse for a photo. )The little purple sweater is for my precious grandniece, Ruby Mae. The scarf is named Branching Out and is a gift to my beloved sister-in-law, Terese, who is expanding her horizons and is in the midst of her master's in social work.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Beautiful, terrible, dangerous. Freezing rain. I'd never experienced anything like it until I came to live in Kentucky. Liquid falling from the sky that instantly turns to ice when it lands; it encases everything in a sheet of ice which grows thicker and thicker. It started early Tuesday morning and by 7 a.m. everything was a glaze of slick, beautiful ice. As the trees became heavy from the load of ice, tree branches started breaking. All through the night on Tuesday, the popping sound of branches made January sound like the 4th of July. When the transformers around town began to blow as tree branches fell on power lines, the sky lit up and a booming noise accompanied. I slept little on Monday and Tuesday nights but I still had electricity. Wednesday a.m. about 9 my lights flickered and went out. The temperature inside plummeted. The next 48 hours were chilly to say the least. Tonight I am blessed to have electricity again and I am snug and warm. 9000 other residents in my county are not so fortunate and I pray for them as they are in shelters, staying with friends or trying to sleep in a cold house. It finally warmed up today and melted all the ice. I will return to work after being out since last Tuesday. We are expecting snow again before morning.